Venture Capital Investment Competition (VCIC) Program

Compete in the NCAA March Madness of Investing

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The VCIC Competition

The Venture Capital Investment Competition (VCIC) is an international investment competition for venture-minded students. It is a one-day-competition taking place in during the spring semester each year. A team of 6 students from each university act as venture capital firms by evaluating  actual start ups for investment options. 

A panel of 8-10 venture capital judges evaluate the student teams on their overall selection and investment offer. Winning teams can earn cash at both the regional and national competition. For further information visit the official site to VCIC.


The Coaching Program for VCIC

The Lavin Entrepreneurship Center offers coaching to a cohort of students in the fall about Venture Capital investing. Those who are the most committed and actively involved in the progrem will be one of 6 students selected to compete in the competition and represent the university in the spring semester. 

The VCIC program looks to recruit students across disciplines to provide them with opportunities and access to the real-life mechanics of entrepreneurship and venture capital investment.


Time and Place: EIS 103, Mondays 7pm



Robert Schulte: 

Robert Schulte is an alumnus of the SDSU entrepreneurship graduate program, the Founder and CEO of Luma Tax, and a serial entrepreneur. Schulte has over twenty years of experience in entrepreneurial ventures, from ideation to acquisition.  Schulte says, “While we want to increase the competitiveness and visibility of the SDSU teams, our primary goal is to create a world-class forum for students who wish to expose themselves to investing and venture capital as a career.”

Robert Schulte


Benefits to students of participating in VCIC:

  • Improving your due diligence analysis skills
  • Networking with founders, investors and fellow students
  • Understanding VC terms
  • Understand what do VCs look for when investing in start ups 
  • Meeting private equity and VC investors
  • Competing in a “live” Shark Tank like competition


Rough Timeline of the Coaching Program (Fall)

April - August:

Recruiting students to form a team

September to December:

Learning the ins and outs of investing


Select six student to compete in VCIC


Rough Timeline of VCIC (Spring)

January - February:

Prepare six students to VCIC


Compete in the regional competition


Compete in the national competition


If you believe you have what it takes to be on the SDSU VCIC teams, then apply below.  With any questions, please email at [email protected]