Ron. L Fowler Award  

Rewarding an Outstanding Student

lavin plaqueEach year the Lavin Entrepreneurship Center identifies one student as the Ron Fowler Intern. The student intern receives this award for their contribution to the Lavin Entrepreneurship Center that has exceeded the expectations set forth by their job description. This intern has shown drive and dedication to support the launch of new programs that impact the lives of San Diego State students.

"Ron Fowler was one of the original visionaries for an entrepreneurship center at SDSU. His early dedication and commitment of our efforts led to the establisment of what is the Lavin Entrepreneurship Center today. This award honors one of our students that made a significant contribution to our programs this year." – Dr. Alex DeNoble, Executive Director, Lavin Entrepreneurship Center


Ron L. Fowler Award Recipients:

2023 –  Sarah Ainsworth

2022 –  Anna Skulteti and Gwen Butterfield

2021  –  Mary Ainsworth

2020 –  Jacinda Molina

2019  –  Lobna Mohamed and Chanelly Laguna

2018  –  Tammy Nguyen

2017  –  Kathyrn Boyles

2016  –  Sean Pierce 

2015  –  Amy Checho 

2014  –  Alissa Thompson