Introducing the SDSU Entrepreneurship Center Event Passport

We are thrilled to announce the SDSU Entrepreneurship Center Event Passport, set to take flight this Fall. This program will foster a vibrant entrepreneurial culture on campus while inspiring SDSU students to actively engage in entrepreneurship events.

Participation in the Entrepreneurship Center Event Passport Program is simple and accessible. Students will register, each student will receive a unique QR code via email, serving as their personal Entrepreneurship Center Event Passport. This will be scanned upon check-in at each event.

The SDSU Entrepreneurship Center Event Passport will be the key to unlock an array of captivating and enriching events. Throughout the program, you will have the opportunity to attend a series of events featuring speakers, QuickPitches, networking and more. Students who attend 3 of the designated Passport Events each semester will be eligible for a reward.

Note: students are not required to sign up for the Passport to attend the events but highly encouraged. ZIP and Lavin students are required to participate in the Passport program.


Fall 2023 Schedule of Events that QUALIFY FOR PASSPORT:




AUG 29

11 am to 12:30 pm

EIS 103 (map)

Scott Slater, Founder of Slater’s 50/50, will share his startup journey and learnings he found along the way.









6 pm to 7 pm

EIS 103 (map)

Aspiring student entrepreneurs will pitch their innovative business ideas and receive constructive feedback from a panel of seasoned experts and peers.










6 pm to 7 pm

Pride Center Student Union (map)

 Leo Carrillo is a renowned entrepreneur and the visionary founder behind CRVFT. 


"It all started in 2017 at San Diego State University when Leo Carillo III and Alex Padua first realized their dissatisfaction with the available grooming products on the market. A majority of the market was centered around traditional barber shops and there wasn’t a relatable brand speaking to young and driven individuals (especially online). That’s when they took things into their own hands, setting out to create a line of uncompromising hair products at fair and honest prices."








OCT 26
 4 pm to 8 pm

Student Union (map)

An immersive experience during which students can experience a day of entrepreneurial activities, workshops, and networking sessions with industry professionals.







11 am to 12:30 pm

Bernstein Theatre 

A prestigious event hosting distinguished speakers, renowned for their significant contributions to the world of entrepreneurship and business.

Maya Madsen is the Founder and CEO of Maya’s Cookies - America’s #1 Black-owned Gourmet Vegan Cookie Company. Raised as a foster child and now with three sons of her own, Madsen did not want her children to face any financial barriers to their education so she took it upon herself to earn extra income for the family.

As a vegan with a sweet tooth, she noticed an opportunity in the market to create a delicious, soft-baked vegan cookie and with the support of her friends and family, Maya’s Cookies was founded. Since its conception in 2015, the company has evolved from local farmer’s market favorite to a national name. With 600% growth in 2020 and continued success in retail and ecommerce, Madsen has been named a “key player” in the vegan cookie market, according to a recent market research report.  

From the classic to unique and forward-thinking flavors such as "Chocolate Chip S'mores" and "Marble Fudge", every flavor has a story grounded in Maya's travels, memories, and experiences with specialty ingredients sourced from fellow Black-owned businesses. Alongside providing the highest quality product that appeals to everyone, Maya's Cookies is committed to superior customer service and community engagement, with a focus on youth and underserved communities.