Venture Capital Investment Competition (VCIC)

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The Venture Capital Investment Competition (VCIC) is the nation's premiere strategy competition for venture-minded entrepreneurial MBA students. Consisting of eight student led teams, VCIC offers an opportunity to judge five entrepreneurs seeking funding for their businesses. Each team evaluates the strength of each venture by acting as a hypothetical VC firm and invests in which entrepreneur they deem most fit. A panel of ten venture capitalists judge competitors on their selections and strategy.

San Diego State University is proud to host the West Coast VCIC MBA Regional on February 5, 2021.  The six teams competing in this regional are Arizona State University, Pepperdine, UCLA, UC San Diego, USC and the University of San Diego.  For more information, review the PDF on this page or click on the VCIC Competition LinkCongratulations to UCLA, the 2021 regional winner of the competition held at San Diego State University.


Teams read business plans, meet CEOs, conduct an abbreviated due diligence, and summarize all of their analysis in an investment strategy that they pitch to the panel of venture capitalists. Students use quantitative skills to evaluate business plans, accounting, finance, operations, marketing, organizational behavior, strategy, among many other factors. Qualitative skills are tested during presentations and Q&A sessions from building a rapport with entrepreneurs to confidently presenting and defending strategies to VC professionals. Lastly, teamwork and strategy are essential to handle the concentrated workload.

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If you would like to represent SDSU at a VCIC competition and believe you have the venture capital instincts, please email Bernhard Schroeder at [email protected].

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