LeanModel Start-up Competition

A Business Plan Competition for Young Entrepreneurs

The LeanModel Competition is a regional qualifier competition for the International Business Model Competition held at Brigham Young University. The winner of this competition bypasses the At-Large Round and is granted an automatic slot in the Semifinal Round of the international competition!

"As soon as the business plan is written, it is obsolete." This widely held view by venture capitalists highlights the importance of looking outside of an organizational structure. A start-up must move quickly to prototype and test their product or service with their target audience. Teams that focus too heavily on writing a business plan may neglect the customers they intend to serve.

 The LeanModel Competition rewards students for identifying and defining assumptions, testing those assumptions in the marketplace, and then pivoting their business model based on customer interactions. Unfamiliar with the business model canvas? Check out "Business Model Generation" by Alexander Osterwalder.

                                                                              Business Model Overview

lean business model

This new competition was influenced by Lean Start-up (Eric Ries) and Business Model Generation (Alex Osterwalder, Yves Pigneur). If you have questions regarding this competition or want to compete please contact Alex DeNoble at [email protected].

This event is supported in part of Platinum Level Sponsor, Torrey Pines Bank, Gold Level Sponsor, Union Bank, Gold Level Sponsor, Ernst and Young, and Bronze Level Sponsor, Niki Krutop.