CEEC 2020 Session Videos


Alex DeNoble, Bruce Reinig 


 Session Videos


The Customer-Funded Business

When Problems Are The Problem: Insights For Creativity And Innovation
Speaker: John Mullins
Moderator: Congcong Zheng
Speaker: Alex Bruton, Jeffrey Stamp
Moderator: Bernhard Schroeder


Using Punctuated Equilibrium to Guide Changes to Experiential Entrepreneurship Education

Slicing Pie: Dividing Up Equity in a Startup

Speaker: Gangaram Singh, Brian Dovey, Michael Cunningham
Moderator: Alex DeNoble
Speaker: Mike Moyer
Moderator: David Turner
Risk and Uncertainty in Entrepreneurial Environments: A Look at the Concrete and the Implicit

Digital Entrepreneurship

Speaker: Lois Shelton, Anna Nikina-Ruohonen, Art Neill, Jelani Odlum
Moderator: Mujtaba Ahsan
Speaker: David Rahn, Kaveh Abhari, Shahab Tayeb
Moderator: David Turner

Innovative Efforts in Entrepreneurship Education

Facilitating Adjacent Lean Startup Conversations: From Practice to Research
 Speaker: Rebecca White, Jeffrey Hornsby, Ted Zoller
Moderator: Alex DeNoble
 Speaker: Denis Iurchenko, John York, Jamey Darnell
Moderator: Mujtaba Ahsan

Creativity and Innovation

Reimagining Student Engagement: Tech Tools for the New Normal and the Next Normal
 Speaker: Jeffrey Stamp
Speaker: Ernest Cadotte, Christoph Winkler, Justin Wolske, Elissa Grossman
Moderator: Julienne Shields
Discussions with Entrepreneurship Professional Organizations
Why Healthy Entrepreneurial Ecosystems Matter to Entrepreneurship Educators and Researchers 
 Speaker: Ahmed Osman, Jill Kickul, Brad Burke, Ricardo Alvarez
Moderator: Alex DeNoble
Speaker: Norris Krueger, Samantha Steidle
Moderator: Alex DeNoble
 Pain or Pleasure: Live Your Students’ Experience
Meet the Editors: Focus on Entrepreneurship Education & Humane Entrepreneurship
Speaker: Doan Winkel
Moderator: Alex DeNoble
Speaker: Eric Liguori, Jeff Alves, Ki-Chan Kim
Moderator: Ayman El Tarabishy 





Doing Qualitative Research in Entrepreneurship

Entrepreneurship Centers: A New Normal
Speaker: Sanjay Jain, Lois Shelton, Bruce Teague, Chad Navis, Renee Rottner
Moderator: Mujtaba Ahsan
Speaker: Emil Milevoj, Leith Martin, Adnane Maalaoui, Cathy Pucher
Moderator: Kimberly King 
Reimagining Entrepreneurship Through Program Innovation
Understanding Social and Humane Entrepreneurship: Perspectives from The Experts
Speaker: Craig Galbraith, Bruce Teague, Tyler Stillman
Moderator: Congcong Zheng   
Speaker: Mike Sloan, Debbi Brock, Roberto Parente
Moderator: Anthony Mendes 
Entrepreneurship and Empowerment: Implications for Poverty
 Entrepreneurship in Impoverished Communities
Speaker: Michael Morris
Moderator: Alex DeNoble 
Speaker: David Lingelbach, Craig Watters, Patrick Snyder
Moderator: Michael Morris 
Transitioning From High School and Community Colleges to Four-Year Universities
Reimagining the Entrepreneurial Mindset to Achieve the United Nations SDGs: The Road Ahead
Speaker: Tanya Hertz, Jennifer Patel, Francisco Vélez Torres
Moderator: Alex DeNoble  
Speaker: Chantal Line Carpentier
Moderator: Winslow Sargeant
Closing Alex Denoble