California Entrepreneurship Educators Conference 2022

Reigniting entrepreneurship with global educators and researchers


CEEC Agenda GraphicsFor 2022, we are disrupting the CEEC conference format to provide educators globally with “more” insight and content depth in three specific areas. So, our conference, scheduled for April 29, 2022, consists of the following:

  • One day conference
  • Online format via Zoom
  • Three key subject areas
  • Free cost to attendees

That’s right, our conference in 2022 is free with online registration. We are attempting to use the new format above to provide more in-depth value with an online format at no cost to attendees to “reignite” entrepreneurship education with a global focus. Our goal of 2,000 conference attendees is ambitious but possible as we drew 1,400 global registered attendees to our 2020 conference. The focus on just three core areas with a renowned panel of experts, will provide attendees with conference sessions that have unparalleled depth, context, and usable content CEEC 2022to be shared with all attendees. Core areas currently are:

  • Entrepreneurship and Ethics
  • Entrepreneurship and the Disadvantaged
  • Entrepreneurial Mindset


Our conference for 2022 is now taking shape and we hope to make this the best conference ever in terms of value to our conference attendees. We will announce the key experts, who are already beginning to build the content of their sessions, over the next few months. 

We are looking for leaders looking to sponsor at what we believe will be the largest online entrepreneurship education conference conducted at a global level. For more information on sponsoring at the conference, please email Rylie Jennings at [email protected]


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