SDSU Entrepreneur Day

An Entrepreneurial Village

Centennial Walkway hosted the 2019 Entrepreneur Day this past March, marking 10 straight years of SDSU’s premier entrepreneurial showcase. Students showcased and sold a variety of projects to customers passing by rows of booths. By buying booth space and inventory, participants had to generate enough revenue to profit, adding a real-world element to the event. Entrepreneur Day is a prime example of SDSU’s next generation of entrepreneurs, highlighting innovative students and giving them a platform to grow.  

Entrepreneur Day is hosted by the Entrepreneur Society (ES) at San Diego State University (SDSU) in combination with the Lavin Entrepreneurship Center. This event brings together SDSU alumni and student run companies to celebrate our mutual passion for entrepreneurship.

If you are a SDSU alum or current student startup with merchandise to sell, contact Bernhard Schroeder at [email protected]


This program is currently in hiatus.