Lavin Center Family Business Circle to Benefit Students

SDSU Students Benefit from Networking, Mentoring and Family Events

mentor with studentsFamily business is big business in San Diego, so the Lavin Entrepreneurship Center at San Diego State University is pleased to announce the launch of its Family Business Circle for SDSU students.  Through its connections with local and cross-border family entrepreneurs and promoting mutual cross-generational exchange, the Family Business Circle serves as a point of reference for students wishing to access useful tools to understand and strengthen the family business environment.  

Family businesses are among the most enduring companies in existence, but professionals are not always prepared to deal with the special nature of family companies.  By being a student member of the Lavin Family Business Circle, you will learn first-hand how other family business leaders manage complex dynamics and challenges (especially as they relate to succession) that are unique to family firms.  In the process, you will gain valuable insights for effective analysis of your own family dynamics. 

By integrating the academic thought leadership of the Fowler College of Business with the experiential components of the Lavin Family Business Circle’s “Pillars of Activity”, Family Business Circle student members can realize the following benefits:

  • Professional Development:
    • Network with executives from a variety of businesses in multiple industries, as well as SDSU alumni who are donors and family business leaders.
    • Company visits
    • "Lunch & Learns"
  • Learning:
    • Participation in Family Business Forums, developed and hosted by the Southern California Institute (SCI) and offered in association with the Lavin Entrepreneurship Center. 
    • Workshops and other educational opportunities that blend academic knowledge with insights into real family businesses.
  • Personal Development:
    • Structured opportunities for members to reflect on strengths and motivations (especially within students’ own family businesses) and clarify/define their personal mission.
    • Opportunity to gain a leadership mentor from a local family business.
    • Participation in the Women Aspiring Family Business Leaders subgroup, to address the unique situations that impact women in family-owned enterprises.

The Lavin Entrepreneurship Center has also partnered with SCI to provide opportunities for students to meet and interact with owners and key executives of prominent family businesses. 

For SDSU studnets who wish to take advantage of the benefits of the Family Business Circle program, you can apply via the button below. Carefully review the questions and your answers before you submit your appliction for consideration in this program. 



For more information on the Lavin Family Business Circle and how to apply, please contact Dr. Ami Doshi at [email protected].