Develop Your Resume Looking Forward

Showcase Your Skills and Experience

Resume photo.When developing a resume it is important to first think about what type of position you want to apply for. Your resume is meant to help you land your "future" job and not just a historical document of your past. It is important to remember that most hiring managers spend just 20-30 seconds on a resume and scan it for potential skills and experience of what they are looking for, so take your time to make sure key aspects are easily recognized. Additionally, at the top of your resume should be a brief profile description of you. A Profile is a short paragraph (see samples below) that indicates where you are today, your skill set and capabilities, relevant work experience and what you are looking for in a way that helps the company. It is laden with keywords that are relevant to the position you are looking for, keep this in mind.

Next, be sure to use past-tense adjectives to demonstrate your accomplishments (e.g. created, developed, designed, implemented, etc.). Make sure your previous job titles are bolded and not the company names (unless you worked at great brands). For each position worked, list the 4-5 most powerful one-line bullets that show some sort of results. Often times these bullet points include numerical and monetary values, and percentages (e.g. increased sales 10%, coordinated 250 person event, implemented cost reductions of 20%, conquested new account sales of $10,000 and so on).
Please review the three resume examples listed below for resume writing ideas. Keep in mind, unique skills are not Microsoft office (PowerPoint, Excel, Word, etc.). They are design skills, language skills, social media skills, special certifications, and software you are familiar with, etc. The resume templates can be downloaded for your personal use.

Think about the resume "brand" you are crafting as if it were your marketing flyer, what do you want people to believe, to feel about you? Also, once your resume is crafted, be sure to have friends and faculty look it over closely to provide input.

Resume Template 1 

Resume Template 2

Resume Template 3