SDSU Roadmap to My Career 

Begin the Path to Future Success 

SDSU campus photo.

Whether you are a freshman, undergraduate, or graduate student it is important to have a "roadmap" of your time at SDSU in order to carefully build a solid platform for your future career. Through networking, internships, and real world experiences you can progress toward the professional you want to be. Here is a guideline to help you think about your time at SDSU and how to incorporate campus clubs, study abroad, networking, and internships into your career roadmap. 


1st semester: Investigate on-campus organizations
2nd semester: Be involved with a club or other campus org


1st semester: Look for leadership positions within your org
2nd semester: Apply for internships/study abroad

Junior Year: 

1st semester: Study abroad/acquire first internship
2nd semester: Look for summer internships


1st semester: Gain further work experience
2nd semester: Fulfill all requirements for graduation