SDSU Graduate Entrepreneurship Program

Engage Your Entrepreneurial Mindset as an MBA

venture start 2018There is no specific time in which one “becomes” an entrepreneur. An problem and solution can strike at anytime and a venture can sprout up almost overnight. However getting from these beginning stages to scale takes knowledge and experience. San Diego State University and the Fowler College of Business offers a graduate entrepreneurship program that helps students build upon existing business knowledge to create successful ventures. A blend of Fowler College of Business curriculum and Lavin experiential programs will provide a comprehensive learning experience to grow your entrepreneurial competencies.

SDSU has embraced experiential learning in combination with entrepreneurial education to prepare students to solve real-world problems with an innovative mindset. A case-based curriculum will expose you to thinking strategically in team settings and assess ideas and solutions to identify future opportunities. Our faculty is a mix of tenured professors along with industry experienced lecturers to give you a balance of theory and application.

To build upon this commitment to experiential learning, the Lavin Center offers programs such as our investment competition VCIC, and the ability to gain experience with Internships. Moreover, all MBA students will complete a community based consulting project in which you and a team of students will tackle a strategic problem or opportunity that faces a local business in the community.  

Take the next step in your entrepreneurial journey with our graduate programs.

  • Graduate Course Map  
    • MBA Core Courses
      • BA 623 Statistical Analysis
      • BA 624 Organizational Behavior & Leadership
      • BA 625 Financial & Management Accounting
      • BA 626 Business Economics
      • BA 627 Marketing
      • BA 628 Operations & Supply Chain Management
      • BA 629 Financial Management
    • Business Strategy
      • BA 630 Business Strategy
    • Electives (18 units total, Entrepreneurship Specialization - 12 units)
      • Required Entrepreneurship Electives
        • MGT 724 – Entrepreneurship
        • FIN 641 – Financing the Emerging Enterprise
        • MGT 744 – Managing the Growing Firm
      • Choose one of the following:
        • MGT 748 – International Entrepreneurship
        • MKTG 761 – Product Innovation Management
        • BA 780 – Field Studies in Business  
    • Culminating Experience (Choose one)
      • BA 795 - Business Consulting
      • BA 799 - Thesis