Lavin Center Partners with Leadership and Entrepreneurship Center

Leadership and Entrepreneurship Center Working to Support Entrepreneurs from Disadvantaged Communities


support non profit businessThe Lavin Entrepreneurship Center at San Diego State University has partnered with the Leadership and Entrepreneurship Center, the University of San Diego, and SCORE, to support the Community and Entrepreneurship Program. The program objective is to help members of the San Diego community, particularly those facing economic or other hardships, in starting and growing a business. Specific goals include:

  • The creation of new profitable ventures
  • Assisting existing small businesses to become more sustainable and grow
  • Developing the participants as entrepreneurs and their businesses as successful ventures
  • Identifying & sharing best practices in poverty alleviation through entrepreneurship

The program adopts the Entrepreneurship and Adversity Program created by Dr. Michael Morris at the University of Notre Dame and the Keough School of Global Affairs, in collaboration with the Lavin Entrepreneurship Center.

The Lavin Center, utilizing university faculty and staff, will collaborate and support a six-week boot-camp that introduces the basic tools, concepts, and principles relevant to launching and growing a successful venture.  Following the training, a consulting initiative pairs faculty, graduate students, and other community partners with the entrepreneurs to work one-on-one in solving specific problems or leveraging new opportunities.



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