Lavin Entrepreneurship Center Annual Report

Annual Reports for the Lavin Center

annual report 2019During an academic year, there are quite a few programs and activities that take place at the Lavin Entrepreneurship Center.  In order to manage our center, Our Advisory Board works closely with the Lavin directors to create six-month and twelve-month operational plans to help the Center achieve specific objectives. Each year, the Lavin Center published an annual report highlighting yearly achievements in entrepreneurship programs and education. In addition, the reports also feature special programs such as start-up mentoring, neighborhood revitalization and small business growth plans.  Annual Report 2019




Annual Report Archive:

Annual Report 2018

 2018 Lavin Center annual report cover.


Annual Report 2017 

annual report 2017                               



Annual Report 2016

 annual report 2016                                



Annual Report 2015        


annual report 2015 



Annual Report 2014   

annual report 2014



Annual Report 2013      

annual report 2013



Annual Report 2012                            

Annual report 2012.