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Sunday, June 16th 2019

CEEC 2020 Call for Proposals

Now Taking Proposals for Interactive Research or Pedagogy Sessions

The California Entrepreneurship Educators Conference seeks to engage participants in cutting edge, transformative and engaging activities and discussions related to the future of entrepreneurship research and pedagogy. Accordingly, those wishing to propose an activity for the conference must designate whether the activity should fit in either the conference research or pedagogy track.
Note: Proposals will be competitively evaluated for inclusion in the program.

Research Track: Research topics might include but not be limited to the following:

  1. Asking great and relevant research questions
  2. Discussing useful research methods
  3. Developing new theoretical frameworks in entrepreneurship
  4. Applying existing theories to better understand the entrepreneurial process
  5. Reviewing a research domain and engaging in pro and contra discourse
  6. Discussing disruptions needed to improve the review process and confidence in research findings (e.g., replication studies, crowdsourcing reviews)

Pedagogy Track:Pedagogy or curriculum topics might include but not be limited to the following:

  1. Insights to improve student engagement and learning
  2. Introducing new pedagogical tools and exercises
  3. Ideas for unique entrepreneurship course designs (especially interdisciplinary course designs)
  4. Curriculum design
  5. Cross campus engagement
  6. Co-curricula activities
  7. Assessment tools for courses or programs

Participants should also specify whether they are proposing a workshop, a round table discussion, or a lightning round presentation. All submissions are due by Monday, February 3rdth 2020.

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Lightning Round
Roundtable Discussions
Workshops are intended to be 45 minute sessions that are best suited for proposals that are designed to teach or develop specific research (e.g. qualitative research, other unique research methodologies, discussion of an emerging research domain, etc.) or pedagogical (e.g. writing teaching cases, experiential exercises, simulations, etc.) skills.
The proposer(s) would have to describe what they intend to address with an emphasis on
  1. How the workshop relates to the conference theme
  2. How they will engage the audience in an interactive session
  3. At least 3 key takeaways for conference attendees
Lightning Rounds are intended to be 12 minute presentations that are best suited for proposals designed to introduce an interesting topic to the conference participants. Lightning round proposals should consider (but not be limited to) topics such as:
  1. Showcase a research project or pedagogy
  2. A research stream or development project you are working on
  3. Explaining a unique pedagogy or curriculum activity to improve student engagement and learning
Lightning rounds do not have to be interactive, but the proposer(s) should explain how the session relates to the conference theme.
Roundtable Discussions are intended to be 45 minute sessions that are best suited for proposals to discus early stage research or pedagogical projects. Proposers should seek to elicit feedback regarding their project ideas and/or identify potential collaborators to further develop their work. Proposals for Roundtable Discussion topics based on a "sharing experience" philosophy are also invited. Individuals should submit a short summary of the roundtable topic they wish to facilitate. Roundtable proposals should consider (but not be limited to) sharing your experiences with developing:
  1. Interactive exercises
  2. Video cases
  3. Qualitative studies
  4. Experimental studies
  5. Longitudinal studies
  6. Flipped classroom
  7. Innovative class projects

2019 Conference Sponsors

USCM Sponsors Intuit SDSU Business
6th Annual California Entrepreneurship Educators Conference
April 11th - 13th, 2019
BAJA California Innovative Tour
April 11th, 2019
Round Table Discussions
Lightning Rounds

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