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Tuesday, July 16th 2019

Lavin Entrepreneurship Center Community Newsletter

January, 2019

Olympic Medalist and Entrepreneur Meets With Lavin Students at Entrepreneurship Event

Entrepreneurship Event The Entrepreneurs' Organization (EO) recently invited 15 San Diego State University students from the Lavin Entrepreneur Program and the Zip LaunchPad to an event where three-time Olympic gold medalist and successful entrepreneur Shaun White, inspired and shared his entrepreneurship knowledge with like-minded people.

As an owner of the iconic three-country Air + Style snow and music festival, owner of a ski resort, owner of his own successful clothing lines and active supporter of many charitable causes, Shaun White is a credible figure to refer to when it comes to carving the roads to success. He suggested that his audience visualize what success looks like, set incremental goals leading to the goal you want to accomplish, own your business and brand and invest in yourself.

Inspired by White, Lavin Entrepreneur and computer science junior Paige Doherty, recalls one key moment of the professional snowboarder’s speech at the event in her blog post. “Shaun talked about an experience he had where he was in an interview with Tony Hawk, one of his earliest and most supportive mentors,” Doherty said. “One of the reporters had made a comment about Shaun White being the next Tony Hawk; when asked for a comment on it, Tony Hawk said something along the lines of ‘You know Shaun White should be the next Shaun White,’ and Shaun talked about how that was one of his really important pivotal experiences when someone he really respected told him that he should compare himself to the person that he was yesterday, that he shouldn't try to be the next anybody, just the best version of himself that he could be.”

Although White’s business actions and moves are worth the recognition they receive in regards to being a smart entrepreneur, his character also had an impact on students attending the event, such as Lavin student and interdisciplinary studies senior Lexi Oplinger. “Having the opportunity to listen to Shaun White talk, I learned how humble of a person he was and how he navigated his success through visualization and perseverance,” she said. “If your goals are important to you, you will find time to plan and execute them! I learned that there is no obstacle that we cannot overcome in the pursuit of true passion.”

From Today’s Women Leaders to the Entrepreneurs of Tomorrow

Women Leaders The Women in Entrepreneurship and Leadership Lecture Series continues this spring on March 5, 2019. Both the Fowler College of Business and the Lavin Entrepreneurship Center are bringing in women entrepreneurs and changemakers who have made an impact and they in turn want to inspire San Diego State University students.

This lecture series aims to present students with the opportunity to listen and engage with a variety of women entrepreneurs from diverse backgrounds. They will be discussing their personal journeys into the business world and the lessons learned along the way. The event will feature two panel discussions along with accommodated space for networking. Speakers include notable business and entrepreneurship figures who are the changemakers in our community, such as:

  • Director of Sales at Pepsico, Sunny Basra
  • Vice President of Digital Marketing at CW Network, Amy Shelby
  • CEO of Amobee, Kim Perell
  • Founder, President and CEO of Confirm Biosciences, Zeynep Ilgaz
  • Retired Chief of Police of the SDPD, Shelley Zimmerman
  • Co-Founder of Founders First Capital Partners, Kim Folsom
  • Senior VP at THE GAP, Jennifer Fall
  • VP of Tax & Finance at ENTERTAINMENT PARTNERS, Rebecca Harshberger
Join us at this annual event at San Diego State University on March 5, from 10 a.m to 4 p.m., in Montezuma Hall, located in the Conrad Prebys Aztec Student Union. This lecture series is a free event that is open to all students, community members and supporters.

Lavin Entrepreneur Alumni: What They Are Doing Today

Gregg Anderson, Founder 41 Orange

Gregg Anderson Former Lavin Entrepreneurship Center staff member and San Diego State University alum Gregg Anderson, is the current CEO of his own marketing agency, 41 Orange, which he founded through his entrepreneurial endeavors within the Zahn Innovation Platform.

Anderson founded his company under the name Anderson Marketing Consulting, which he later rebranded. “When my wife quit her job and decided to hop on board with me, we decided to change the name to 41 Orange,” he said. “What's different about 41 Orange is that we're positioned as not just a marketing partner—we're a ‘growth agency,’ which is like a marketing agency, except that we're helping our client base figure out how to turn those leads into revenue. Most agencies hand off leads to their clients and consider their job done, but marketers are becoming responsible for more of the customer's journey.”

Anderson is looking forward and thinking positively about the future of his company. “It's an exciting time for both the agency and our team,” he said. “We're very excited for the new couple of years. We'll be working on the continuation of disrupting the traditional digital marketing agency model, bringing change to an industry that's been operating the same way for more than fifteen years.”

Brian Kidwell, Co-Founder Scott’s Cheap Flights

Brian Kidwell Lavin Entrepreneur alum Brian Kidwell, graduated in 2014 with a finance degree, and is now assisting individuals in the pursuit of getting people places without hurting their wallets.

As COO, and co-founder of Scott’s Cheap Flights, Kidwell is focusing on the flight side of things. “I’m involved in every area of the business including the marketing team and product team,” he said. “Scott’s Cheap Flights is a subscription service that sends out cheap flight deals to subscribers that are handpicked by human flight experts that includes factoring in taxes, bag fees and any other add-ons. For example, through my company, I was able to find a cheap flight to Bangkok in business class for $640. We have about a million and a half members and are looking to increase the number.”

Kidwell has big goals he wants to accomplish business wise and is looking forward to growing the company in certain areas. “Our biggest opportunity that we have is attracting more paying customers,” he said. “Growing out our marketing team is another area of focus since we essentially depended on the word of mouth for the last three years. We have hired the best people that we can and we will continue to do so in order to continue building products surrounding cheap flight deals.

Tom Lumpkin Featured Speaker for 2019 Educators Conference

Tom Lumpkin The Lavin Entrepreneurship Center is excited to announce Tom Lumpkin as a featured speaker for our 2019 California Entrepreneurship Educators Conference! Lumpkin will be holding an interactive workshop to share transformative insights in the field of social entrepreneurship research!

Tom will be conducting a workshop in which he will review major Social Entrepreneurship (SE) research themes and some of the studies that have had the greatest impact on the SE domain. Participants will then be asked to develop research questions that reflect their own scholarly interests in SE topics. He will also discuss issues surrounding SE data collection, SE research metrics and publishing opportunities. The workshop also aims to support entrepreneurship educators interested in bringing the latest social entrepreneurship scholarship and insights into university pedagogy and programs.

Tom Lumpkin, Ph.D. is C.S. Trosper Chair and Professor of Entrepreneurship, and Director of the Division of Entrepreneurship and Economic Development at the Michael J. Price College of Business at the University of Oklahoma. He is a globally recognized scholar whose primary research interests include entrepreneurial orientation, social entrepreneurship and family business.

We invite you to attend and engage at our next conference to become a part of the shift of how entrepreneurship education is being researched and taught. To register now, please click on the link below!

Conference Details

Dates: April 11th, 12th, and 13th, 2019
Location: San Diego State University, San Diego, CA
Cost : $349

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