Current Lavins and Mentees

Entrepreneurial SDSU students collaborating on innovative ideas

 Here are the current Lavin Entrepreneurs that make up the 2019-2021 Cohort 

Bella Messina

Computer Science 
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Bella Messina is studying Computer Science and has a passion for artificial intelligence, robotics, and medicine. Her favorite question is “Why?” since understanding how things work drives her. Bella has been creating since she was young, and invented and built a self-regulating & water-efficient shower system in high school. This led her to apply to ZIP Launchpad where she created an automated plant care business called SproutSiter. She joined Entrepreneur Society as a freshman and became Vice President her sophomore year. Her ever growing network has led her to amazing opportunities, including pitching an AI-powered education toy at VentureStart in Spring 2019 and interning for ZIP Launchpad’s Women in STEM initiative. Bella was elected President of Entrepreneur Society for 2019-2020 and has begun executing her plan to increase the membership, publicity, and value-add of the organization. In her major she became an Instructional Student Assistant last year and plans to continue teaching. She’s currently a Data Science Intern at iHerb, a trusted global retailer of natural products, and is collecting data from the ecommerce site to increase profit and customer satisfaction through product recommendation algorithms. Through the Lavin Program, she plans to hone her entrepreneurship and leadership skills, connect with like-minded individuals, and build towards her goals while helping others do the same. She’s inspired by learning how much she doesn’t know, and can’t wait to see what will be accomplished.

Benjamin Nguyen

Music Education
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Born and raised in San Diego, Benjamin Nguyen has experienced many diverse cultures in his community growing up. Ben is a music education major at SDSU while simultaneously pursuing a minor in entrepreneurship. He loves playing percussion and piano, and he would not hesitate in joining a jam session with others. He has a passionate heart and determined mindset that keeps him going every day. Some of Ben’s interests include music, sports, and technology. 

Ben’s aspirations for being an entrepreneur began when he started teaching private piano lessons to students. Starting out with one student, Ben learned how to teach by making mistakes and realizing what worked with the student and what didn’t. Over the years, he has grown his piano studio and created this business for himself. By teaching more students, Ben was better able to adapt and adjust his teaching style for different people. His philosophy on teaching, “teaching life lessons through music,” stems from using his own passion for music to help others develop life skills, such as leadership, communication and creativity. 

Through the Lavin program, Ben hopes to gain the entrepreneurial mindset that’s necessary to take an idea and turn it into a successful business. He values the importance of observing those who have become successful through making mistakes and learning from them. Throughout his life, he will always strive to meet new people and be inspired by their works and stories. While he sees the value that teaching piano has on his students, Ben wants to focus on how he can impact the lives of many on a much greater scale. He hopes that by learning and experiencing more about music and entrepreneurship, he can become the best version of himself in the future. He wants to explore and work on business that seek to help people do the same and become the best versions of themselves also. Ultimately, Ben hopes to impact the lives of many throughout his career and aims to serve and give back to the community that has served him.


Domenique Sciuto

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Domenique Sciuto was born and raised in San Diego and is a transfer student from Palomar and Mesa College. She is a Business major with a focus in Marketing, and looking to minor in Entrepreneurship. She believes she has always had an interest for entrepreneurship, starting to babysit and nanny when she was younger and now having established a wide array of clientele and years of experience. She has always been motivated to work hard, and is not afraid of failure if she is working towards something she is passionate about. After graduating high school and spending time in Los Angeles, she became fascinated with everything behind the scenes of production companies, auditions, YouTube events, modeling castings, etc. and knew she wanted to get into talent management and or marketing. Her interest in entrepreneurship really flourished when she got to spend some time in Seattle, WA surrounded by young, successful entrepreneurs and knew she wanted to work hard and achieve goals similar to them. At her junior college, she was the Director of Public Relations in the business club and got exposure to different types of marketing, as well as meeting entrepreneurs and business professionals in the community. Domenique is eager to start her journey with the Lavin Entrepreneur Program and hopes to gain knowledge on being successful in business and learn how to be a woman in entrepreneurship, as well as make connections with the other students in the program.

Jasmin Villa

International Business
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Jasmin Villa is an undergraduate student at San Diego State University, pursuing a degree in International Business in Spanish and Latin America. She is a driven and motivated individual who is passionate about the Spanish language and working with people of different backgrounds and cultures.
Since coming to San Diego State University, Jasmin has served as the Academic Director and part of the Mu Sigma Consultancy Team for the professional business fraternity Alpha Kappa Psi and worked for the SDSU Research Foundation. Currently interning at GoSite, a tech start-up based in San Diego, Jasmin is extremely interested in learning about the operations and functionalities within starting a new company and the SaaS industry specifically. She is currently in charge of managing the online presence of 30+ enterprise accounts at GoSite, including top franchises such as The Broken Yolk Café. Apart from her professional activities, Jasmin enjoys listening to jazz and plays multiple instruments, including the keys, trombone, guitar, and the ukulele. For her last onstage performance, she opened for the 2017 Annual Jazz Festival at the Hollywood Bowl as the only female in an all-male jazz band. Through her time as a musician and a student, Jasmin has learned the importance of pushing oneself out of their comfort zone in order to reach new heights and professionally and personally grow themselves for the better.
As a Lavin Entrepreneur, Jasmin aims to develop her creativity and abilities in problem solving to tackle economic problems in the future. Her ultimate goal is to start new ventures in developing countries, so that she can one day stimulate new business, create job opportunities, and further economic development in these areas.

Kyle Jo

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Kyle Joyce’s entrepreneurship journey started at a very young age. In elementary school he began working with his dad selling custom neckties face to face at trade shows. Kyle began buying products wholesale and selling them to his peers from custom socks to sports bracelets. In 7th grade Kyle got the idea to start his first company Cascadia Enterprise that designed Seattle based apparel. To gain sales, the company created a team of local skateboarders that we sponsored to represent our products. Having networked with local skate shops, Kyle was able to sell products at their stores. and sold products in a tent by the beach.
A year and a half later, Cascadia Enterprises expanded to include graphic design and apparel printing services, and renamed the company Seattle Logo Design.
At the end of his freshman year of high school, Kyle created a third company: Cityscape Skateboarding. The company made custom die-cut grip tape with a Seattle space needle outline and California state outline. The brand quickly by creating an ecommerce platform and website as well as social media to find potential clients. A big accomplishment of Kyle’s was getting products into all Seattle skate shops and a lot of stores up and down California. A notable achievement of the company was when a YouTube channel with 3.8 million subscribers, called Braille Skateboarding, showed off a board with the company’s grip tape.
That same year Kyle started another company called Active Wheels Co. which made custom skateboard wheels. Kyle developed a website, gained a strong social media following of over 10k, and recruited an elite team of skateboards. The social media following gave Kyle the credibility needed to get the wheels into multiple local skate shops across the USA notably in Seattle and California.
Kyle also reached out to the company Zumiez and were negotiating to get a small run of product into their chain. However, due to inventory issues so the company was only able to do one small run in a local location. Kyle learned from the other companies how to create branding and capture brand identity. In his junior year he started Monaco Design Co were the company emphasized full branding packages and apparel printing. The company designed logos for restaurants and companies in the area notably: Foodz Catering, Zbar, Flight Path, and Annie Firefly. Later on the company focused solely on design and branding services.
During the middle of his junior year he became more interested in the software field. He started working on countless iOS app ideas, learned about the process of design and of very early stage development. These interests led him to work on the app called Licity that was a private social media platform and music sharing app. He worked on Licity and began development, but halted the project after discovering idea development issues.  Around the time he enrolled in SDSU, he began another company called Graphic Elements. This is a full service apparel design and printing company targeting greek life and small businesses. During the Summer of 2018 he created a talented team of programmers, designers, and marketing people to form his current company called Enver Ventures, a full service software development and design company. Currently, he is working in the field of UX and creating/developing new software ideas with his team. He currently spends his time learning and phoning his UX skills while working on software products for clients as well as internal products. He is focused on balancing all the different things he has going on and time management is the most important element to him.  Last, his startup Enversuite. Enver is a premium web builder platform that grows with your business all for one monthly fee. The startup is a premium mainstream website solution for businesses and offers industry specific plugins to meet the needs of any business. The plan is to roll out the first version of the product in fall 2019.


Lasse Engel

Business Administration and Management
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Lasse is originally from Stuttgart, Germany. After graduating from high-school he took part in a short- term program at the car company Porsche in their headquarters in Zuffenhausen where he was collecting experience in human resources. This led him to an internship in the logistics department of Audi, another car company. His entrepreneurial journey began with his acceptance to SDSU. Since his first semester, Lasse has been a part of the Entrepreneur Society and actively engaged with all entrepreneurial events on campus. He is a Business Administration and Management major with minors in marketing and entrepreneurship. Since his first year on campus, it was his goal to become a Lavin Entrepreneur. Lasse recently launched his own web design freelancing business and is currently working on publishing a clothing company. Last summer, he was working full-time at Mercedes-Benz in their manufacturing department as assembly assistant. In addition, Lasse is a member of the Division 1 SDSU football team, which is what brought him to the United States originally. While his interests are in the travel and fitness industry, Lasse is always trying to engage and explore new areas and interest.
He strives to have a positive impact on all the businesses and people he interacts with and to create a lasting change in his community. Because of his international background, Lasse is able to offer and present a unique perspective on many areas in business. Lasse sees himself as a global citizen that hopes to inspire others, by doing what inspires him. He is extremely excited for the learning outcome and networking opportunities that come with being a Lavin entrepreneur at SDSU. Through the program, he hopes to grow as a person and an entrepreneur on a professional basis and further his connections on campus and beyond.

Logan Lacher

Business Management
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Logan Lacher is a Business Management Major with a Emphasis in Entrepreneurship and transferred to San Diego State from Saddleback College in Mission Viejo, California. Logan grew up in Southern Orange County and found a passion for entrepreneurship when he was in elementary school selling pens and pencils to his peers. In middle school he took orders for custom duct tape wallets and sold them throughout the campus. It was at that time he began to buy and sell products from China. He created relationships with suppliers that he still has to this day. He hired his peers to sell products for him and was recognized by the principal for his business initiative. Logan found a passion for video production and decided to join his schools live morning show where he realized that he loved being both in front and behind a camera. At 15 years old he decided that he wanted to take his passion of videography and photography and turn it into a business; so he bought his own equipment and sold his services to companies and individuals. Logan was hired by companies such as Performance Paddling, B. Candy, Laguna Niguel Magazine and Going Native Therapeutic Gardens. He also served on the board and was the marketing director for the non-profits Kids Helping Kids and Stop B4U Start. When he graduated High School Logan wanted to gain professional sales experience so he got a job at Shoreline Marketing and sold a variety of products inside Costco’s throughout Orange County. After only two months he was recognized nationally as a leading salesman. Logan sees the world through the eye of a entrepreneur and has a plethora of business ideas that he hopes will one day become a reality. Working a nine to five job is not a lifestyle he could imagine himself living. Logan’s goal is to create and run successful businesses and he is prepared to do whatever is necessary to achieve it.

Naveed Gorgani

Business Administration and Management
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“Fortune favors the bold.” Naveed Gorgani, an undergraduate student studying Business Administration Management, strives to live by these words. In his teenage years, he always seeked comfort and the safest route, but his thinking began to change after reading his favorite book of all time—Rich Dad Poor Dad. Now, Naveed seeks new experiences and growth, hoping to constantly challenge himself and improve every single day. Professionally, he has great interest in the fields of Real Estate, Consulting, and Startups. After Interning at a top commercial real estate brokerage and a fast-growing startup, Naveed yearns to gain more experience in both fields, and eventually aims to start his own real estate investment company and to launch startups solving issues with mental health and sustainability. Currently, he is the leader of a ZIP Launchpad Team called Hiatus, which is a startup that strives to help social media users and addicts control their time spent on social media. He is also the new Director of Consultancy for the Mu Sigma Chapter of Alpha Kappa Psi, the largest and oldest professional business fraternity in the world, after spending 6 months on the Mu Sigma Consultancy team. Naveed aims to keep gathering experience and knowledge in consulting, and then eventually start a business that specializes in consulting for early stage startups. Yet, Naveed is aware that his goals and plans will change over time. But, regardless of how his aspirations change, Naveed’s number one goal in life will always be to leave a positive impact that paves the path for a better world. In his personal life, Naveed loves to eat, work out, meditate, read, explore the outdoors, and go on any adventure that doesn’t challenge his fear of heights. Growing up, he practiced tennis and kung fu for over 12 years each, and is a 2nd degree black belt in martial arts. He also has found a passion for boxing, and is always looking for more sports to experience and enjoy.
As a Lavin, Naveed seeks to take full advantage of all the opportunities that this exciting program provides. One of the things Naveed tries to avoid most in life is the regret that comes from letting an opportunity pass by, and he aims to embody a sponge in these next two years by soaking in all the knowledge and experience he possibly can.


Patricia Campanella

Business Management
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Patricia Campanella is studying Business Management and is specializing in Entrepreneurship. She will be transferring to SDSU with an associate degree in both Economics and Business Administration. All her life she has been compelled to better her community through political activism and volunteerism. Over the last decade, some of the organizations Patricia has volunteered for include: The American Red Cross (Minneapolis & San Diego), The Rock Church Homeless Ministry, Bernie Sanders Political Campaign (2016 & 2020 campaigns), Father Joes Villages, I Love A Clean San Diego, and March for Our Lives. Rather than being discouraged by the world’s problems, she is driven to make a positive impact. In an age where the news offers more problems than it does solutions, we have been made to believe that the world faces challenges too large to allow the average person to make an impact. For this reason, Patricia hopes to rebuild the collective confidence in change making, beginning with oneself. After graduation Patricia hopes to create a social enterprise that works in partnership with existing nonprofits to enhance activism by galvanizing the power of collective communication of volunteers within communities and between volunteers and organizations. While in the Lavin Program, Patricia plans to zero-in on potential target markets, streamline her business model, and create lasting business relationships.

Reid Becker

Business Management
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Reid Becker is a young entrepreneur looking to make his mark in the industries of technology and venture development by focusing on startup operation, strategy implementation, and management. Recently accepted into the Lavin Entrepreneurship Program at San Diego State University, Reid is looking to enhance his entrepreneurial talent while running his current startups. When he isn't glued to his computer working, he is either working on his car, traveling, skiing in the Rocky Mountains or missing free throws. Reid was born in Highlands Ranch Colorado and lived there until moving to San Diego for college. He is now studying business management with a specialization in entrepreneurship at San Diego State University. While in college, Reid co-founded two companies with fellow friend and entrepreneur, Kyle Joyce. They started an apparel printing company, Graphic Elements, that supplies custom designs and printing services to greek organizations on the west coast with hopes to finish a national expansion this year. Reid exclusively manages the operations of Graphic Elements and its team of sales reps, print shops, and graphic designers. They also created the team which is now Enver Agency which supplies small businesses with app and website development services with hope to soon be supplying industry specific API algorithms as well. Reid has helped to plan out the foundations for the agency and works on sales and operations currently. Someday they hope to use Kyle’s creative talents and Reid’s strategy skills to get into venture development, where they can help young entrepreneurs make their own ideas a reality. Right now, Reid is living in San Diego California, where he is working towards the success of his startups everyday.

​Ryan A. Wallace

Management Information Systems
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“Ryan A. Wallace is a Navy Veteran and a Business transfer student from San Diego Mesa College. He is now pursuing his third degree which will be a Bachelors’ in Management Information Systems. Ryan was born in Brooklyn, New York, moved to the Bronx and spent the last years of his adolescence in Mount Vernon. Mount Vernon is one of the smallest cities in New York ranging over 4 square miles, but even the entire State of New York couldn’t contain Ryan’s desire to see more. Ryan enlisted in the United States Navy at the age of 17 to see the world and the more he saw the more he knew that he wanted to bring his passions to life through his art. This passion cultivated in 2015 when Ryan started his clothing brand, Lonely Floater, which morphed into much more than just a brand, it became a lifestyle. With athletes in Extreme sports, Boxing, Motorsports and artist of all sorts soon became sponsored by the brand. Ryan’s message has always been constant, simple yet powerful. As a black man with big dreams from small city it is possible to feel alone, but you never truly are when we’re all Lonely Floaters at heart. Ryan is also a mentor for youth in San Diego and New York. Once a year he gives speeches to San Diego’s teenage community on his story and the development of his business. What Ryan hopes to gain from this program is an education on traditional and unconventional ways to turn an already successful brand into a Prolific legacy. Stay up, and Fly at Your Own Altitude.”
– Written By Intelligence Specialist First Class Petty Officer Tevin Everett, United States Navy.


​Sam DeLeon

Business Management
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​Sam DeLeon is a business management major from Camarillo, CA. At a young age, Sam has always been interested in how the world around him worked. He asked his dad one day how he could become a genius. His dad gave him a book that would change the way he saw the world, “Rich Dad, Poor Dad” by Robert Kiyosaki. Obsessed with the idea of being financially free, he sought to learn and develop his mind to understand the world around him, learning and studying influential figures throughout history, like Steve Jobs, Mark Zuckerberg, Woodrow Wilson, John Muir, Abraham Lincoln, Thomas Edison, Einstein and many others. He strived to understand what made these individuals different from the rest while at the same time developing his own mindset and skills. At a young age, he learned how to play the piano, sold popcorn and soda around school, and developed his leadership skills through Boy Scouts, eventually getting his Eagle Scout Rank a week before his 18th birthday. While in Boys Scouts he led a team through a two week backpacking trek through Philmont Scout Ranch where they amassed over 200+ miles. Through the mishaps and experiences of the trek, he learned the importance of leadership and how a team can excel by working together towards one common goal. Throughout elementary school, his parents gave him the privilege to travel with them all around the globe to places like Egypt, France, Russia, London, Argentina, Australia, and the Philippines, where he was able to see the cultural differences and socioeconomic factors that vary between each country, giving him a worldwide understanding of the global economy. Sam firmly believes that if you want to do anything in this world it all starts with the proper mindset. By having the correct mindset you’re able to overcome any obstacle that comes your way as you strive for what you dream for.

Trevor Bailey

Business Management
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My name is Trevor Bailey, I’m a 21 yr old who had a dream of moving to California after growing up in Connecticut my whole life. The east coast norms striving for Ivy League colleges and having a need to impress your parents with your salary didn’t feel right to me as far as what success was to me. I loved where I grew up, but I found that it wasn’t where I belonged. I’m a competitive nationally ranked bodybuilder, which in time came to the reason I chose nutrition and dietetics as my major. I loved working out, it was at one point the only consistent thing in my life when other areas of my life seemed to be struggling. The therapeutic sense of lifting weights and being on a naturals foods diet I truly believe translates into success as a business owner, because it’s about consistency, patient, trial and error, and most importantly applying pressure to improve. I started my own Southern California fitness clothing line called Klassic & Relentless just over a year ago in my freshman dorm with only $300 in my savings account. I just saw an opportunity to change the way people viewed fitness and to appeal to the Southern California lifestyle that everyone in the world talks about. I wanted my brand to associated with risk takers, about people who take care of themselves because they want happiness and freedom out of life. That rush of doing things that scare you I believe is one of the main purposes of life, because just that overwhelming emotion of happiness you get from standing up to what you fear is a life high. I wanted more out of college than lectures, because I never felt my skill set translated into my gpa. I wanted to run a business because I wanted to work for myself after college, I wanted to build my own company, and I wanted to have my ideas be put to use. My dad started a private investment firm in Stamford, CT when I was a newborn and after lots of financial struggle in the beginning my father 20 years later has build his company Spruce Private investments up to beyond what he thought. He also told me as a kid that he knew I wanted to be my own boss. The Baileys can be a bit stubborn, but my dad said it’s because we don’t settle. Through so many life experiences, from mental breakdowns to some of the happiest moments of my life, I can say with great pleasure starting my own company was the best investment in life I could ever make. I’m grateful to be part of the Lavin Entrepreneurship Program at SDSU and I wish I could go up to Mr.Lavin myself and thank him for all he’s done for this program. Thank you and I’m looking forward to meeting you.

Adrian Armenta

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I transferred to San Diego State University from Santa Barbara City College after receiving my
Associates Degree in Business Administration, Economics, and Liberal Arts. I founded my first
brand at SBCC and will be continuing its creation in the Lavin Entrepreneur Program. My first
venture, called Tuatara Running, involves revolutionizing compression gear for outdoor all-
terrain runners, including triathletes, obstacle course enthusiasts, and trail runners. My business
will enter the retail industry segment of performance lifestyle brands. I will be a leader in
improving the overall quality and performance of athletic garments. With the help of many
notable mentors, I hope to have my products manufactured this fall and ready for sale in the
My team and I will be attending nearby outdoor race events, pitching canopies to market our
business and sell directly to our consumers.


Matthew Wallace

Music Entrepreneurship and Business

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Growing up in the center of Silicon Valley’s tech industry, I have experienced and seen first-hand the negative repercussions that Palo Alto’s pressure-cooker environment has had on its next generation of minds. While Silicon Valley is rich with innovation and progressive thinkers, it has a much darker side of suicide, depression and mental health overshadowing it. The next generation, myself included, has fallen in love with experience-based products that allow us to escape the tedious and mundane responsibilities of regular life. Such desire to seek alternative life experiences is why large music festivals are able to bring in thousands upon thousands of people each year. Festivals such as Coachella, EDC, and Hard Summer are able to sell enormously expensive general admission tickets and get attendees to plan weekends in Las Vegas that cost thousands of dollars simply to attend a single festival. I have been training as a musician since I entered the fourth grade, and by the time I was halfway through high school I knew that I had to turn it into my career. Once I found out about degree programs such as SDSU’s music entrepreneurship and business major, I discovered a whole array of career possibilities that did not necessarily revolve around being a band teacher or playing in a symphony. At the age of sixteen, I immersed myself in the Bay Area’s electronic dance music community, going to events regularly and eventually beginning to transfer my knowledge as a classical musician and percussionist over to producing, composing, and DJ-ing. Since moving to San Diego, I have continued to stay involved in the organization and behind-the-scenes work of concerts, festivals and music events in both Southern California and Northern California. One day, I hope to produce a genuine experience that can be thoroughly enjoyed by everyone involved, and one that pays the smaller, hardworking and talented artists the amount that they deserve.


Ben Shapiro

Business Management
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I am a management/entrepreneurship major with a minor in computer science and a passion for people and technology. Born in Heidelberg, Germany to a British opera singer and American academic, I spent nearly every summer exploring the world and developing l knowledge of its diverse communities. Back at home, I discovered my enthusiasm for computers and started building them for myself and my friends at the age of 13. At the same time, I began a career in the acting and music industry, working on films, commercials, musicals, and my own songs. As an actor, I learned how to market myself as a product to agents, casting directors, and producers. Throughout my life, I noticed needs in certain markets for a product or service and developed those ideas in my journal. These ideas range in industry, from renewable energy to virtual reality, and from tech accessories to innovations in clothing. Despite the variety in my ideas, there is one recurring theme or purpose that sparks my entrepreneurial energy. The desire to make a positive, lasting impact on the world is my ultimate motivator and was instilled in me by my friends, family, and acquaintances from my travels around the world. As I enter into the Lavin program, I hope to build the personal relationships, tools, and mindset that are necessary to make those journal writings become real life successful businesses. I am an experienced communicator and leader who strives to be a person who connects and strengthens the bond between all manners of people, whether that be researchers and accountants, engineers and marketers, or North America and Asia.

Michael Viesca


I am a transfer student coming from my hometown local community colleges, Ventura College and Oxnard College. I will be beginning my junior year at San Diego State University, majoring in international business with plans to sharpen my bilingual skills, as I am fluent in Spanish. Following in the steps of my parents, who are both self-employed business owners, I have had the opportunity to gain experience and learn from being a part of the changes and obstacles that come with starting and maintaining a business. My entrepreneurial ambitions have been set since early high school and then transitions to post-graduation and onward. In high school, I tapped into the market of buying and selling used designer sweaters and outdoor wear, having a successful run of providing my customers with great quality clothing at a more affordable cost. Upon graduating high school, I attained my California public notary license and began working with escrow and mortgage companies, growing my notary business. In between, I have also worked sales for Trek Bikes, where I gained effective selling and communication skills that can be translated and applied to multiple platforms. I believe in innovative thinking, working hard and encouraging growth within myself and the peers around me.

 Eduardo Gonzalez


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I am a kinesiology major who aspires to become a top-level strength and conditioning coach for professional athletes. Throughout my academic career, extracurricular involvement, and participation in competitive sports, I have solidified a great passion for human performance. During my experience at SDSU and in the Lavin Program, I expect to conduct research on how to provide an excellent training service as well as how to market myself and my services to athletes and professional teams. Additionally, I plan to expand my knowledge of 3D printing and explore the many ways in which it can provide benefit to people. My interest and passion for entrepreneurship was sparked early in my college career. My first exposure to earning income other than through an hourly wage was when I ventured into the world of network marketing. Although this style of marketing can be viewed as uncanny to some, it really shifted his paradigm and enticed him to learn entrepreneurial concepts. My dedication and coachability are two qualities I plan on leveraging to learn from my future mentors and peers. My main goal is to become a prosperous professional trainer and to establish multiple streams of income within the 3D printing, sport commercialization, and automotive industries.

Jake Hurwitz

Business Management
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I’m an incoming junior at San Diego State University, majoring in integrated business marketing with a minor in interdisciplinary studies. I was born and raised in Los Angeles, California, and am the son of two hard-working and successful marketing parents. I’ve always held jobs that have fostered my ability to sell myself, giving me the confidence to sell any product or service in the future. My lifelong passion for Shotokan karate led to both my first job as a karate sensei at 15, and to me being named one of seven winners of the 2016 Bruce Lee Foundation Scholarship. Since attending SDSU, I have joined as a member of the SDSU American Marketing Association as well as the SDSU Entrepreneurship Society, furthering my budding love for combining entrepreneurship with marketing. I hope to join SDSU’s premier business fraternity, Delta Sigma Pi, in the fall of 2019. To this day, I’m still an avid Shark Tank fan and have attended numerous Shark Tank pitch competitions. I am also a 2-year veteran of SDSU’s radio network, KCR, where I co-host a Saturday sports talk show and am the primary sports broadcaster for SDSU hockey and baseball. My commitment to the station earned me an IBS award for hockey broadcasting, as well as a social media internship with the Associated Press for March Madness 2018. I aspire to grow as a person, and especially as a professional, in my time with the Lavin Program. I plan to take the education learned and relationships made to create a tech startup company.

Jake Bradley

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My name is Jake Bradley and this will be my first year at SDSU. I am a transfer student from Saddleback Community College in Orange County. Born and raised in Dana Point, CA, I decided to leave home after high school and move to Oregon where I attended Willamette University. After a year, I figured out Oregon wasn’t for me, so I ventured up to Seattle. While there, I attended the University of Washington and declared independence from my parents. This is when I was first introduced to entrepreneurship. Having to provide for myself, I decided to rely on my strengths, creativity and interpersonal skills. In the summer of 2017, I started to work for two different start-ups in downtown Seattle. I loved working with start-ups so much that my roommate and I decided to launch our own energy drink company called Vitality. Using our skills from working with start-ups, we were able to keep our business profitable for the two years we were in production. After a little more than two years in Seattle, the weather finally broke me down. I truly am a Californian. This is when I began attending Saddleback with the intention of transferring to SDSU. Now that attending SDSU is my reality, I am ecstatic to be a part of the Lavin program and community. I am an entrepreneur because there is no alternative for me. It is who I am, how I am wired. I am most looking forward to being around mentors who can show me where and how to look for answers. I am in need of guidance, and I want to build a relationship that is mutually beneficial. It is a privilege to be a member of the Lavin program, and a part of a group of like-minded individuals. I want to surround myself with people from all walks of life who are all driven to be different. I want to be unique and I have no plans of doing it alone.


Navy McKee

Business Administration

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I am a business administration major with a passion for entrepreneurship. Growing up in Hawaii gave me the ability to work with many lifestyle and beach brands such as Midori Bikinis, XIX Palms, C2O Coconut water, and etc. I have been experienced in social media brand ambassadorships for more than six years now. I currently run my own social media business account managing an audience of more than 10k followers. Aside from adventuring and social media, I have worked on two of my own separate start-ups in the Zip LaunchPad. One was geared toward aging independently and the other was geared toward making an impact through college food and beverage services. After multiple attempts at launching a start-up, I find great interest and importance in changing the world through purpose and sustainability. Having an entrepreneur mindset has resulted in my being a self sustainable, motivated, eager college student who seeks opportunity in every avenue. If I am not working on projects in the Zip LaunchPad, you can find me at the beach, hiking, swimming and being outdoors at almost all times. I find great interest in lifestyle/beach brands, interior design, sustainability, health and wellness, social media and skin care.

Pranav Kalra

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I am an international student at San Diego State University, majoring in computer science. I was born and raised in India and was awarded multiple national and international awards in the field of science and technology for my hand gestures, to speech based assistive technology. I am an upcoming junior. I was given the opportunity to be a research assistant for the College of Engineering working in Distributed Computing. Furthermore, this summer I was given an opportunity for my first off-campus internship with ObjectSecurity, working in webservices, DevOps and backend services

This summer I was accepted into San Diego State University’s ZIP Launchpad program for my ideas for improving the accessibility of feminine hygiene products in third world countries like India. I have grown up admiring my hard-working parents and felt been opportunistic looking at them. I aim to grow as a caring individual and future entrepreneur who can give back to his family and community. 


Business Finance

I am a business finance major at San Diego State University. My goal is to combine both of my passions in entrepreneurship and social justice. I was a semi-finalist in a local shark tank contest in 2018. Grossmont College named me Student of Note in 2019, in recognition of my perseverance. I have won many scholarships and awards for my community involvement directly related to my passion for helping the foster care community. My interests include being an entrepreneur in a setting where I am able to help others develop determination and self discipline. My specific focus right now is on creating a topical pain relief, roll on stick. In my free time, I like to surf, hike, dance, stay active and travel.