The SDSU Entrepreneur Society

Empowering Student Entrepreneurs

entrepreneur society members winning Venture Start competitionLooking for entrepreneurially minded students on campus? The SDSU Entrepreneur Society (ES) brings together growth oriented individuals looking to form meaningful relationships with network of entrepreneurs, both alumni and industry leaders alike.  

ES is proud to be associated with San Diego State University’s highly esteemed entrepreneurship program, rated in the top 25 in the nation. Our graduate and undergraduate entrepreneur programs are open to students in all colleges and disciplines at SDSU. ES encourages the exchange of ideas between a variety of students and disciplines, helping to build a network of motivated individuals and spark innovations to solve today’s pressing problems. A large focus of ES is developing real-world entrepreneurial experiences that provide career development opportunities for members.  

As a rapidly growing organization, the SDSU Entrepreneur Society is always looking for new members. To sign up or to find more information, visit the ES website.