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Sunday, June 16th 2019

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SDSU Social Entrepreneurship Students place in USD’s Social Innovation Challenge

This past year students working with Professor Sloan participated in the Social Innovation Challenge hosted by University of San Diego. All SDSU teams participated at the competition were recognized by the judges.

1. W.E. Do Good (Darla Rossi, Robert Schneider) is developing an extremely affordable and durable mechanical thresher to improve harvesting time for farmers in Ethiopia.

2. Art Without a Roof (Mitchell Gilbert, Matthew Wayne, Ryan Zomorodi) is a social venture that provides socially conscious individuals with apparel infused with creative designs. Profits are utilized to fund education and art therapy for the youth without permanent living conditions.

3. Vena (John Walsh, Thomas Kosbau, Tim Perry, Zac Fowler) is a low cost, scalable, zero energy water harvest for developing areas lacking access to portable water. A biomimetric design modeled after the cacti that uses differences between below and above ground temperatures to trigger a dew point.

SDSU and USD Hosted the Hansen Summer Institute, Fostering International Social Entrepreneurship

The Hansen Summer Institute of Leadership and International Cooperation was a joint three week program hosted by San Diego State University (SDSU), University of San Diego (USD) and the Fred J. Hansen Foundation. The main goal of the program was to assist students from all over the globe in the creation of social entrepreneurship ventures in their native countries in order to build a better future. This year, five California based and 15 international upper division undergraduates and graduate students participated in the program. The countries represented were: Morocco, Ethiopia, Rwanda, Nepal, Uganda, Bosnia and Herzegovina, Chechnya, Uzbekistan, Poland, Argentina, Kyrgyzstan, Georgia, Romania and Russia. These Hansen Fellows were all flown to the United States and accommodated on the USD campus.

The Hansen Summer Institute students participated in an innovative two day Social Entrepreneurship Workshop hosted at SDSU. Also, entrepreneur guest speakers, including Jenny Amaraneni, the founder of SOLO Eyewear, and Alicia Wallace, COO of All Across Africa, shared their inspirational stories with the students. Michael Sloan, the Social Entrepreneurship Program Director at the Lavin Entrepreneurship Center, mentored the Hansen Fellows and encouraged them to develop feasible social venture ideas. The workshop not only included an overview of what social entrepreneurship is all about, but also facilitated a peer-to-peer mentorship program with five SDSU students. All attendees learned that even a small socially oriented organization can make a big difference in the world.

SDSU Student Assists in the Hansen Summer Institute Program

A current student of the College of Business majoring in Management, specialization in Entrepreneurship, Ema Muramoto Larkin been charged with organizing a two-day Social Entrepreneurship Workshop that will be integrated into the Hansen Summer Institute, a three-week international summer program on leadership and conflict resolution that will take place in San Diego on July, 2013. In addition to Ema’s organizational responsibilities, she is also overseeing ten SDSU student mentors from multiple academic disciplines.

Ema has drawn on her prior graphic design experience to create several toolkits for the program, which have caught the eye of the executive leadership of Tregin Solutions, a private consulting firm who are leaders in the Legal Business and Technology Consulting field. As a direct result of her experiences with the program and her impressive documentation skills, Ema has been offered a unique career opportunity with Tregin to use her talents on overseas projects, including on-site work in the Middle East. In fact, on top of her full-time schedule, Ema has already begun contributing to projects for Tregin in her capacity as a special consultant.

Competition makes you stronger. If our top competitor didn't exist, we would have to make them up.
~ Jim Sinegal, SDSU'59

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