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Sunday, June 16th 2019

Social Entrepreneurship

Uniting Social Entrepreneurs at SDSU

San Diego State University continues to pursue innovative solutions to social problems. Students have been working hard to contribute and develop critical life-changing ideas. Professor Michael Sloan, the Director of the Social Entrepreneurship programs at the Lavin Entrepreneurship Center, has been supporting students' initiatives to accelerate cutting-edge approaches and creative solutions to the world's most pressing social issues. He unites students from different colleges to work on various problems, encouraging them to apply their knowledge and passion toward implementation of innovations.

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As a lecturer in SDSU's Management Department, Professor Sloan has been sharing his expertise in social entrepreneurship with SDSU students through his social entrepreneurship course in the College of Business Administration. With over ten years of experience in the social entrepreneurship field, Michael Sloan is an expert in leading this new initiative across the SDSU campus

Uniting Social Entrepreneurs at SDSU

Art Without a Roof

Art without a roof Logo Art Without a Roof is a social venture that provides socially conscious individuals with apparel infused with creative designs. Profits are utilized to fund education and art therapy for homeless youth. Students Mitchell Gilbert, Matthew Wayne, and Ryan Zomorodi are current students working on the project.

Berry Health and Wellness Center

SDSU partnered with Texas Christian University to start work on the creation of a healthcare center in underserved areas in Texas. SDSU student and Lavin Entrepreneur Marissa Happee, the intern assigned to the project, has been working with Professor Michael Sloan (SDSU), Professor David Gras (Texas Christian University), and entrepreneur Jim Austin researching both local and national foundations that could help fund the project.

Burn Victims Foundation

Burn Victims Foundation is an organization aimed to assist children and adults suffering from injuries caused by heat, electricity, fire, and radiation. Diego Segovia, a SDSU student and the founder of the foundation, is currently working with Professor Sloan on a sustainable business model for the organization that will bring medical care, therapy, and burn services to people worldwide.

The Hansen Institute Mentoring Project

Professor Michael Sloan took the initiative to educate students who have an interest in social enterprise by preparing them to engage in the 2014 Hansen Institute summer program.

W.E. Do Good

W.E. Do Good, Lavin, entrepreneur, SDSU, Social Venture W.E. (World Entrepreneurs) Do Good, is a social venture group aimed at assisting Ethiopian Villages with human powered threshers. SDSU Alum Gemechu Abraham formulated a thresher that could be built, repair, and powered in remote villages to effectively increase the amount of wheat collected during a harvest. With the help of professor Mike Sloan, he constructed the machine out of bicycle parts and sheet metal (two common items found in Ethiopia) and put the machine to work. The success was unbelievable and it hasn’t stopped. SDSU Engineers are now working on developing a newer and larger version of the thresher than can be made using fewer components.


VENA is a zero energy water harvester for developing regions lacking access to potable water. Being a biomimetic design, it uses differences between below and above ground temperatures to trigger a dew point. SDSU students John Walsh, Thomas Kosbau, Tim Perry and Zac Fowler are currently working on this social venture.

Competition makes you stronger. If our top competitor didn't exist, we would have to make them up.
~ Jim Sinegal, SDSU'59

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