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Sunday, June 16th 2019

Lavin Mentorship Activities

Ideas to help mentee and mentors get to know one another better

Lavin students and Lavin mentors can spend time together in many ways to help identify needs and opportunities to support early stage new business ideas. Each mentor and student will likely have unique ideas as how to spend time together sharing knowledge from academic, work experience and networking relationships. To help supplement these ideas, the Lavin Entrepreneur Center has gathered a menu of mentorship activities that may help stimulate ways of working together as a mentor and student. Please review the following list to support your mentorship collaboration.

  1. 1.One on One talks – Coffee shop, lunch, etc.
  2. Schedule “one on one” meetings to establish clear goals, milestones and the Lavin agreement. Use these opportunities to help build plans for the near and long term. Discussions may also include topics such as, understanding and appreciating the mentors path to success and recommended skills, habits and life lessons.

  3. 2.Brainstorming New Business Ideas
  4. Due to the entrepreneur desire, brainstorming new business opportunities in targeted industries, technologies and services can be a highly valuable and appreciated experience for the mentee and mentor. If appropriate, additional members can be invited to the brainstorming session.

  5. 3. Visit Mentor in his/her Workplace Environment
  6. Mentees and mentors have identified that having the student mentee join them in the workplace environment “shadowing” them in the typical work day, can be highly informative help the student better appreciate the real world.

  7. 4. Recommend Books, Journals/Magazines, Video Programs or other resources to gain insights
  8. Mentors can discuss and recommend interesting and valuable learning tolls such as books, journals/magazines and video programs that have helped them become the successful entrepreneurs or leaders in their life.

  9. 5. Attend Professional Networking Events together
  10. Attending professional events together can help the student mentee understand and practice how to prepare, implement and follow-up when attending professional networking events. These are helpful for idea sourcing, job searching, sales generation, networking and building overall knowledge.

  11. 6. Assistance to Build Personal Brand
  12. Discuss, plan and develop the components of building your personal brand as a entrepreneur or professional in your field. Developing and refining your resume, LinkedIn profile, elevator speech and interview or “pitch” Q&A’s can be very helpful to have available on demand.

  13. 7. Introduction to Appropriate Personal Network Contacts
  14. If appropriate and if the student mentee has earned the opportunity, introductions to the mentors network contacts to help the student broaden their connection base and grow their potential with the industry and desired profession.

  15. 8. Participate in Panel & Breakout Discussion
  16. In the Lavin classroom, a sub-cohort group of students and mentors will meet to share perspectives on topic or series of topics within a common industry or profession. The structure would be:

    • 15 minute short talks by each of 3-4 mentors on the selected topic
    • Q&A with sub-cohort of students with common industry/profession of interest
    • Break out with sub group of attending students

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