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Friday, August 17th 2018

Lavin Mentors

Lavin VentureStart Program

Business leaders that contribute their time and guidance to the Lavin Entrepreneurs:
2016 — 2018
  • Adam Weiler, Strongvolt
  • Bernhard Schroeder, Director of Programs - Lavin Entrepreneurship Center
  • Bob Nascenzi, Supramed
  • Braydon Moreno, ROBO 3D
  • Christoph Beau, M2 Ingredients
  • Craig Stevens, Sea Pointe Adventures
  • Duncan McClaren, Difference Lab
  • Gail Naughton, Histogen
  • Jennifer Barnes, The Escrow Firm
  • Jimmy Hendricks, Deal Current Network
  • John Tucker, Compete Marketing Group
  • Julien Brandt,
  • Kristian Rauhala, PEAR Sports LLC
  • Larry Petersen, LP Marketing
  • Matt Decelles, William Painter
  • Michael Millitelo, Waltco Lift Corp.
  • Michael Trezza, LITHYEM
  • Michelle Donovan, Duane Morris, LLC
  • Mike Stanicek, Retail Inkjet Solutions
  • Nii A. Ahene, CPC Strategy
  • Rich Christiansen, Killpatrick Townsend
  • Robert Schulte, Strassa
  • Ryan Shortill, Positive Adventures
  • Sarah Hardwick, Zenzi
  • Tim Garrett, Laird Apparel
  • Tim King, Tim King Photography
  • Yukon Palmer, Field Logix
  • Zack Parker, Zack Parker Consulting
  • Zeynep Ilgaz, Confirm BioSciences
2015 — 2017
  • Jeff Grad, Eyes Of The World
  • Craig Stevens, Sea Pointe Partners, Inc.
  • Mitch Paltridge, Clear Balance
  • Kevin Popovic, Ideahaus
  • Matt DeCelles, William Painter
  • Mark Schmid, Art Function Group of Companies
  • Thom McElroy, Co-founder of Volcom
  • Nick Slettengren, Power Digital Marketing Inc
  • Greg Crisci, Tip Network
  • Tom Franklin, Kilpatrick Townsend & Stockton LLP
  • Parker Harris, Junto
  • Robert Wilcox, Precision Label Inc.
  • Gary Hughes, Deuce Brand
  • Michelle Weinstein, Fitzee Foods
  • Adam Weiler, Strongvolt
  • Carolyn Crowley, Myriad Software
  • Jim Matteo, Bird Rock USA
  • Jason Kirby, Togally
  • Steve Hoffman, Modern Postcard
  • Jenny Amaranenni, SOLO Eye Wear
  • Nick Rhea, Lunatec Gear
  • Kevin Gelfand, Shake Smart
  • Jon Tucker, Compete Marketing Group
  • Steve Cusato, City National Bank
  • Steven Osinski, SDSU and 3 Hour Learning
  • Ira Cammeyer, Harbor Health Care Consultants
  • Lance Hoffman, Mamma Chia
2014 — 2016
  • Brian Ramphal, Founder & CEO Mango Automation, Inc.
  • Carlos Gutierrez, Principal, Senior Realstate Executive, SDSU Alum
  • Cary Mack, Chairman, Torrey Pines Bank
  • Doug Wall, Founder and Managing Director of WIN, SDSU Alum
  • Duncan McClaren, Founder Difference Labs, Moble Apps, SDSU Alum
  • Felena Hanson, Founder Hera Hub
  • Gail Naughton, CEO, Founder Histogen, Former SDSU Dean
  • Julien Brandt, CEO, SDSU Alum
  • Michael Librizzi, Founder, Eco ATM, SDSU Alum
  • Mitch Patridge, CEO, ClearBalance
  • Nii A. Ahene, Co-Founder, CPC Strategy
  • Paul Goodman, Co-Founder Pura Vida, SDSU Alum
  • Peter Shaw, Former CEO, Venture Capitalist
  • Robert Reyes, Founder, Start-up Circle
  • Stephen Cusato, Sr. VP. City National Bank
  • Tim Garrett, President of Laird Apparel, LLC, SDSU Alum
  • Yukon Palmer, Founder, Field Technologies, SDSU Alum
  • Leslie Fishlock, CEO, Geek Girl Corporation
2013 — 2015
  • Adam Weiler, Co-Founder at StrongVolt & Co-Founder at CablesForCauses
  • Carolyn Crowley, President, Myriad Software LLC
  • Craig Stevens, SDSU Alum, Co-Founder & CEO Sea Pointe Partners Inc.
  • Jason Kirby, Co-founder of, Former Lavin
  • Jenny Amaraneni, CEO & Co-Founder, SOLO Eyewear
  • Joe Magee, SDSU Alum, Vice President in Startup
  • Jon Tucker, CEO at Compete Marketing Group, Former Lavin
  • Kevin Popovic,, Founder, Ideahaus, Social Media & Communications Agency
  • Matt DeCelles, Greek Love, Former Lavin
  • Nicholas Slettengren, SDSU Alum, Partner at Power Digital Marketing Inc.
  • Parker Harris, Finance Rotational Program at Qualcomm, Former Lavin
  • Robert Schulte, President & CEO at Zurple, Realstate Marketing
  • Scott Carrington, Director of Ecommerce at Nixon, SDSU Alum
  • Thom McElroy, Co-Founder of VOLCOM, Design and Brand Expert, SDSU Alum
  • Victoria Sassine, Director AMG Funds, Panethon Capital

By supporting programs that offer feedback, insight, and mentoring to aspiring business leaders, I can give ‑fledgling ventures the best possible chance of success. Founder and Chairman Emeritus, Alberto-Culver

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