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Sunday, June 16th 2019

Lavin Entrepreneurship Center Community Newsletter

March, 2014

The Center Celebrates Dr. Leonard H. Lavin's Ongoing Support - Lavin Center March Newsletter

The Lavin Entrepreneurship Center, the Entrepreneur Society and Startup Circle will host the second annual Start-up @ State event. It will feature 50 start-up companies from the San Diego area who are eager to hire students for jobs and internships.

Thursday, April 24, 2014

SDSU to Offer New Entrepreneurship Minor Across Entire Campus

Learn more about the Minor!

The Center Celebrates Dr. Leonard H. Lavin's Ongoing Support

hansen program On February 19, 2014, the Lavin Entrepreneurship Center hosted a formal reception to unveil a wall mural dedicated to Dr. Leonard H. Lavin. Dr. Lavin was recognized for his lifetime achievements as an iconic businessman and an inspiration to young entrepreneurs. Over 40 guests attended the event. Dr. Lavin shared his entrepreneurial insights with guests, students, and friends, making the event vivid and lively. "I have always used the MBWA method in my manufacturing business. It literally means Management By Walking Around," said Lavin jokingly.

Dr. Lavin has supported and nurtured entrepreneurship students at SDSU since 2008. His gifts have allowed the Lavin Entrepreneurship Center to offer cutting-edge cross campus programs, such as the Lavin Entrepreneur and the Lavin VentureStart programs. In the last five years, these programs have proven to be extremely successful and have become well known across both business and academic communities.

Dr. Leonard H. Lavin            Lavin VentureStart Competition          

Entrepreneur Day Connects Students and Alumni Companies at SDSU Campus

Entrepreneur Day Connects Students and Alumni Companies On March 5th, 2014, the Lavin Entrepreneurship Center, in collaboration with the Entrepreneur Society at SDSU, hosted its fifth annual Entrepreneur Day, dedicated to showcasing SDSU student and alumni companies and to promote the entrepreneurial spirit among current students. This year, 45 companies participated in the event, including Shake Smart, Stance Socks, and Oggi's. More than 10,000 students and university staff attended E-Day and supported these entrepreneurs by purchasing products and services. "It is important for us as a Center to encourage students to pursue their entrepreneurial endeavors," said Alex DeNoble, the Executive Director of the Lavin Center. "It was a great experience for the next generation of entrepreneurs to learn how to take their business ideas to the next level," DeNoble added.

E-Day                Oggi's                Stance Socks                Shake Smart                Entrepreneur Society               

Bosse Tools Reinvents The Traditional Shovel

Bosse Tools Reinvents The Traditional Shovel Bosse Tools, a company focused on the design and production of ergonomic gardening and construction tools, has gone a long way since winning SDSU's Lean Model Competition in 2013. The founders of the company, Stephen Walden and Bryson Ishii, both Loyola Marymount University alumni, reinvented the traditional shovel, creating an ergonomically designed tool that maximizes productivity and reduces strain on the back and arms. "The Lean Model Competition was indeed the launching point for us; it showed me that this business idea was worth pursuing," said Stephen Walden, the CEO of Bosse Tools. "I am glad the competition taught us to utilize the benefits of prototyping. It is fundamental for young entrepreneurs," Walden added.

The company completed a Kickstarter campaign last fall that generated a first round of private financing. The founders were successful in raising $64,000 to get the shovel into production. Currently, Stephen is focused on expanding the company’s product line. "We certainly want to create a product line with various tools that can meet the needs of not only professional nurseries and garden centers, but also private homeowners," Walden said.

Bosse Tools             Lavin Venture Challenge Competition                  Kickstarter                 

Student Spotlight - Sylvie Quero

john walsh Sylvie Quero is a senior undergraduate student studying International Business at SDSU. She has recently been offered a wonderful opportunity to present at the 2014 National Conference for Undergraduate Research, being held at the University of Kentucky. She will present the results of a research study as a part of the Faculty Student Mentoring Program, entitled "Corporate Social Responsibility within Small and Medium Enterprises (SMEs): a Cross-Cultural Comparison".

Sylvie's project was focused on learning company culture within small to medium sized enterprises in the San Diego and Baja California region. She created a short survey that aimed to capture cultural components by taking into account practices that are correlated with sustainability. By juxtaposing groups that are geographically comparable, she was hoping to observe a difference in the influence of community on sustainable company culture and practices. She found out that SMEs tend to maintain their businesses' sustainability "subconsciously." "Owners of SMEs are not recognizing the importance of the economic aspect of sustainability; they tend to consider profitability and image-related issues as the most important facets in business," said Quero. "Topics relating to different cultures have always been interesting to me. I would like to use my research and expand it when I pursue my graduate degree," she added.

International Business Program at SDSU                 University of Kentucky                National Conference for Undergraduate Research                

Building the Next Generation of Entrepreneurs

The Lavin Entrepreneurship Center at San Diego State University serves SDSU students, entrepreneurs and business leaders through entrepreneurial curriculum, workshops, internships, resources and events. For information browse the Programs section of our website, subscribe to the Lavin Center Calendar and sign up for the Center's Entrepreneurial Fuel Newsletter. Entrepreneur resources such as the Lavin Center resume guide, marketing and business planning tools and more can be found in the Resources section of our site.

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