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Tuesday, July 16th 2019

Business Entrepreneurship Minor


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          Entrepreneurship Minor

The Business Entrepreneurship Minor is open to students who are majoring in Business, Hospitality and Tourism, or International Business. The minor will enhance your skills and expose you to a world of entrepreneurship. It is intended to fuel your desire to solve problems and create solutions. Taking the Minor in Entrepreneurship can open your mind to new ways of thinking about overcoming challenges, innovation of products and services, and working around obstacles. You will also develop other critical skills that involve financial modeling and assessment tools. Whether you want to start your own business or equip yourself with entrepreneurial skills in your future career, the Entrepreneurship Business Minor is a great opportunity. Below is a course map for the Entrepreneurship Minor for Business, Hospitality and Tourism, and International Business Majors.

Required Courses
MGT358 Fundamentals of entrepreneurship
MGT460 Business plan development * (prerequisite: MGT 358)

Entrepreneurship Courses (Choose 1 of the following):
MGT452 - Family business management
MGT455 - Social entrepreneurship
MGT353 - Creativity and innovation (prerequisite: MGT350)
MGT355 - International entrepreneurship
MGT459 - Franchise management
FIN328 - Entrepreneurial Finance (prerequisite: FIN323)

Electives* (Choose 2 of the following)
BA 404 - Small Business Consulting

MGT352 -Human Resource Management (prerequisite is MGT350)
MGT452 - Family Business Management
MGT455 - Social entrepreneurship
MGT353 - Creativity and innovation (prerequisite: MGT350)
MGT355 - International entrepreneurship
MGT459 - Franchise management
MGT475 -Leadership in Organizations (prerequisite: MGT350)

FIN321 - Managerial Economics
FIN328 - Entrepreneurial Finance (prerequisite: FIN323)

MKTG 377 - Selling Strategy & practice
MKTG373- Integrated Marketing Communications
MKTG 476 - Internet/Interactive Marketing (MKTG classes have MKTG 370 prerequisite)

MIS306 -Systems Analysis
MIS483- Networking and Data Communication

COMM 307 - Communication in Professional Settings
COMM 406- Organizational Communication
COMM 371 - Intercultural Communication

MUSIC 518 - Community Outreach Practicum
RTM 475 - Commercial Recreation Management
HTM 320 - Hotel Management (prerequisite is MKTG370)

Experiential Component
Includes one of the following:
Participation in EMC paid internship program
Participation in EMC Web Compass program
Participation in MGT 401 on an approved Entrepreneurship client
Participation in the Lavin Venture Start Program
Participation in the Lavin fellows program
Participation in an SDSU Venture Challenge Team
Participation in the Zahn Challenge Competition
Participation in one of the University incubators (currently Science and Engineering)
Participation in a Social Entrepreneurship grant activity
An independent study with an Entrepreneurship Professor
Participation in a leadership workshop sponsored by Student Life Services on campus
Participation as a work-study in the Lavin Entrepreneurship Center

Capstone Course:
MGT460 - Business Plan Development

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The Lavin Entrepreneurship Center at San Diego State University serves SDSU students, entrepreneurs and business leaders through entrepreneurial curriculum, workshops, internships, resources and events. For information browse the Programs section of our website, subscribe to the Lavin Center Calendar and sign up for the Center's Entrepreneurial Fuel Newsletter. Entrepreneur resources such as the Lavin Center resume guide, marketing and business planning tools and more can be found in the Resources section of our site.

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