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Sunday, June 16th 2019

The Lavin Entrepreneur Program

The Lavin program is a 4 course sequence that teaches entrepreneurial skills to students through classroom and experiential learning

Program Design

Lavin Program, SDSU, Curriculum, Entrepreneur Day, LaunchIn, Venture Start The Lavin Entrepreneur Program is designed around curricula and co-curricula activities. On the curricula side, admitted students are required to enroll in a sequence of four 1-unit courses (one per semester, until graduation). On the co-curricula side, each student will work with an experienced entrepreneurship mentor who will guide them in developing competencies and networks. Additionally, Lavin Entrepreneur students will be invited to participate in special events and company visits in and around the San Diego community. Students will also participate in various entrepreneurial campus events including: the Venture Start competition, LeanModel competition, Entrepreneur Day, and LaunchIn at State. Additionally, students will pitch to and work with the Zahn Innovation Center incubator to possibly start their own companies.

The Lavin Entrepreneur Program Curriculum

Bern Group The Lavin Entrepreneur Program consists of a four-course sequence offered through the College of Business Administration and the Management Department; This four-course sequence is supported by the Lavin Entrepreneurship Center. Each course carries one unit of academic credit (BA 311, BA 312, BA 411 and BA 412).

To be admitted into the Lavin Entrepreneur Program students need to be working on Upper Division classes in their major by the time they register for the first required course in the Lavin Program, BA 311. There are no other prerequisites for BA 311. Students must successfully complete BA 311 in order to enroll in BA 312, and so one. The four courses need to be taken in sequential order.

There may be situations where Lavin Entrepreneur students opt to participate in a University-approved study abroad program. We encourage international travel for Lavin Entrepreneurship students. In order to keep students on track to complete the Lavin Program we make special course arrangements for students who will not be on the SDSU campus for a semester. This independent study will revolve around curriculum that would be learning in the respective course that students will be missing. Typically, course material is learned through experiential activities within the study board country.

BA 311: In this first course (to be taken during the fall semester), students will be introduced to entrepreneurship as a potential path for future career development. They will begin their journey of developing their entrepreneurial competencies and professional networks. Additionally, students will be introduced to the basics of ideation, opportunity recognition and business model development.

BA 312: In this second course (to be taken during the spring semester), students will continue building their entreprenial competencies and mindsets. This class emphasizes utilizing entrepreneurship frameworks for business opportunity assessment, ideation and feasibility analysis techniques in ventures, and how to interact and negotiate with strategic partners.

BA 411: In this third course (to be taken during the fall semester), students will focus on developing an idea for launching a new business venture. Throughout the course, students will engage in significant customer development activities that are designed to test assumptions based on market feedback. Using Lean Startup principles, students will learn to make pivots when appropriate, leading to multiple iterations from their original business model.

BA 412: In this fourth course (to be taken during the spring), students will focus on company creation activities. Building upon the “pivoted” business model produced at the end of BA 411, students will be exposed to the types of challenges, issues and decisions that must be made while formulating their launch plan. By the end of this course, students will develop and present an investor pitch of their proposed new business venture.

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The Lavin Entrepreneurship Center at San Diego State University serves SDSU students, entrepreneurs and business leaders through entrepreneurial curriculum, workshops, internships, resources and events. For information browse the Programs section of our website, subscribe to the Lavin Center Calendar and sign up for the Center's Entrepreneurial Fuel Newsletter. Entrepreneur resources such as the Lavin Center resume guide, marketing and business planning tools and more can be found in the Resources section of our site.

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